• A Great Question!

    Q. I noticed that your Adrenal-Fuel contains some herbs that I’m hearing a lot of good things about. They are Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Panax Ginseng. So, how do they help with stress and low energy?

    A. Yes, Adrenal-Fuel contains those herbs…and more. They are part of a family that is referred to as “adaptogens.” These plants have been used successfully for centuries. They have recently become very popular...
  • It’s Back!!!

    Dear Friend, I’m excited!  Our brand-new batch of Adrenal-Fuel just arrived at our shipping center – and it’s ahead of schedule!  Much thanks to ...
  • Is It REALLY 'Natural?'

      We see so many food labels that boldly say; "All Natural."  Are they really?   There are still quite a number of labeling loopholes that we as c...
  • Why is NatraTech Super Food™ so Good for Seniors?

      Good nutrition is paramount in all stages of life, but it’s extremely important as we age. As we grow older, we begin to eat foods that contain ...
  • Some Simple Steps to Speed-Up Weight Loss

      We are receiving some nice testimonials about the Get Lean Program™! People are excited about the results they are seeing! Here are a few helpfu...
  • Freedom Is Not Free

      Dear Friends,   I try to always take time to remember the courageous young men and women who have served and protected us, especially at this t...
  • A Mom’s Story… a Tale of 2 Kids & Keeping Them Healthy

    A letter from one of our customers: "I have two different perspectives: the kid with weight issues and the picky kid." ...

  • Controlling Blood Sugar

    Controlling Blood Sugar

    We receive quite a few calls from people who report that their blood sugar levels have improved since they started taking Adrenal-Fuel™. Some people, who have HIGH blood sugar, tell us it has dropped -- while others with LOW blood sugar also say it has improved. How can both things be true?

  • Adrenal-Fuel™ Stress Recovery Formula: Symptom Survey

    Thank you for choosing Adrenal-Fuel™ Stress-Recovery Formula! We are confident that you will experience positive results from the use of this state-of-the-art formula.

    It will be beneficial for you to monitor your success, so you will be aware of the positive changes you can experience when you give your body the nutrients that support healthy adrenal & thyroid functions.

    Please use this Survey to document your improvements. We would love to hear about your success!

  • Super Food for Super Kids!

    Kids need SUPER nutrition to grow and function at peak levels!  Their growing bodies need lots of good fuel.  NatraTech Super Food!™ will give them a wide variety of great nutrients to grow on.

  • Super Food Smoothie ‘Hunger Busters’

    Delicious… And you won’t get hungry for hours!



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