We Appreciate Our Veterans So Much


I was at the health club today. As I plodded along on the treadmill, I couldn’t help noticing the wall of television screens. At least 6 of them had the various news channels playing. There was something interesting in being able to watch them all at once (side-by-side)… it really magnified the fact that each of them is saying/perceiving the same information differently – sometimes in spite of what the truth is! My Mom used to say; “The best lies contain a seed of truth.”
Regardless of the rhetoric --- Here’s one thing I DO know – this country is the BEST in the world! Our freedom can never be taken for granted! And you know what? We have this wonderful gift largely due to the service and sacrifices of so many. I know it might sound trite, but ‘freedom is not free!’
Our military has protected us from a wide variety of threats for a very long time. What’s ironic is we don’t even know how much these brave men and women are doing for us, in parts of the world we’ve never even heard of! They are dealing with bad things in those places, so they don’t get to us here in this incredible country. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that don’t like us and would love to destroy us in any way they can. These men and women help form a 'cocoon of protection' for us.
As I watch the news, like today, I’m always amazed at how little is said about our troops and how much they’ve done, and continue to do for us. I am SO thankful for them! For all of you have served and are serving, please accept my deepest thanks for all you have given for us! God bless you and America!
With Appreciation & Respect,

Joe Perry