About Us

Our Company

NatraTech, LLC is dedicated to optimal health, prevention of disease and improving quality of life. The company was founded in 2004 by Joe Perry, who is a nationally renowned health and weight loss expert, with more than 3 decades of experience.  He and his products have helped more than a million people achieve better health.

NatraTech has formulated a variety of high quality nutritional products, weight loss programs and educational materials for multiple market segments, including health professionals.

NatraTech’s mission:

  • “Share Something Worthwhile”…quote by Joe Perry, CEO
  • Empower people to live a healthier life, physically and financially.
  • Treat the cause – not the symptom.
  • Formulate & market the highest quality nutritional products and programs, specifically designed to restore healthy metabolic function.
  • Serve with integrity and ‘principle centered servant leadership.’

A Note from Our Founder

I’ve been developing and marketing health products and programs for many years.  Our NatraTech products are some of the most exciting I’ve worked with!  I’ve loved sharing them with friends, family and many others.  Watching the results people experience is heartwarming. 

Although our primary market at the time we developed these products was health professionals, we began to receive a lot of requests from satisfied Customers, asking about being able to offer them to their friends and family.  A ‘ripple effect’ began to happen.  A poem I like says this;

"Toss a rock into a pond and watch the water ripple. That’s what outreach is all about. You begin by reaching out to one person, who reaches out to someone else. Your outreach effort forms concentric circles, just like the rock as it hits the water. And you know, in your heart, that one day, those circles will ripple back and touch you."

It all begins with one person who reaches out to help someone else.  I coined a saying; “Share something worthwhile.”  This is the core of what we do at NatraTech.  We have started with a small group of product users, who had good results, and now want to share and help others. In the process, many are earning an extra income -- it’s a win-win.  A powerful concept!

Whether you are a Customer, or a Sales Affiliate, we deeply appreciate you.