NatraTech Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate

An Herbal Solution for Natural Healing

  • Whole Leaf and Cold Processed
  • Certified Organic
  • Over 200 beneficial nutrients
  • Great for digestive health
  • Proven healing power
  • Concentrated for potency
  • Save $$$ -- makes up to 6-8 quarts of Aloe drink. Save on shipping costs too

Aloe Vera has become one of the most widely recognized herbs for its healing properties. Few natural substances contain as many beneficial nutrients (over 200!!). With applications ranging from strengthening the immune system, promoting the healing of cuts and burns, improving digestive problems, soothing ulcers, and prevention of various inflammatory conditions* -- Aloe Vera truly is 'The Miracle Plant'!!!

Why our Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate is Superior

The "Whole Leaf" Advantage

Utilizing conventional methods, the gel of the Aloe leaves is extracted by filleting and discarding the rind, which eliminates some unwanted components (such as aloin). Unfortunately, this method also eliminates a large quantity of valuable nutrients which do exist in the rind. 

The "Whole Leaf" method of processing utilizes the entire Aloe leaf, and employs special filtering processes which leave the key nutrients in place, while removing the unwanted components. This yields a product with the highest concentration of beneficial nutrients, with virtually none of the undesirable components remaining. Taste and color of the end-product is also significantly improved. 

A vast majority of the Aloe products on the market are manufactured using only the inner gel of the Aloe leaf! Our Aloe products are manufactured using ONLY the most advanced, Whole Leaf, processing methods to ensure the maximum amount of beneficial components are present in the finished product. 

Cold Processing

Many Aloe products are manufactured using a high-heat process (pasteurization and/or autoclave methods), which destroys a large number of the nutrients that are the most valuable for healing. Heat also kills the live enzymes necessary for digestion.
The most effective Aloe products are manufactured using a patented "cool" processing method, which prevents damage to the beneficial components of the Aloe. Our products are 100% cold processed, which protects these valuable nutrients. 

Organically Grown

Our products are 100% organically grown, which yields the healthiest, purest, most nutrient-rich Aloe plants. We don't just say our products are organic - they are certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture! To have a pure concentrate, you need a pure starting material. This is why we use only organically grown Aloe Vera.

High Potency

Our Aloe Vera concentrate is a true concentrate and can provide a lot more servings per bottle when mixed according to directions. Notice the first ingredient on our label…’Certified Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate’ – not water, fruit flavoring, etc.
Did you know that companies can label products containing as little as 10% Aloe a "100% Aloe" drink? There is a reason other products are less expensive. Those companies are selling a watered down product that is very low or even devoid of the active enzymes and nutrients that scientists feel are essential for the healing effects of real Aloe Vera. 

Would You Pay $150 For 16 Ounces of High Potency Aloe?

You could be! If you’re purchasing a $5 quart that contains 200 mg. or less of active ingredients . . . You would have to buy more than 30 quarts to equal just 16 ounces of NatraTech Organic Aloe Concentrate! But it could be even worse! You could pay another $150 or more in shipping costs for all of those bottles!

Many products only contain a small percentage of Aloe. The remainder is typically water and flavoring.

The Bottom Line

All this to say we go to great lengths to give you the best products money can buy. The way we see it, your health could depend on it! We're in this business because we believe in the quality and benefits of our products. We want you to feel the same way!

How to Use Your NatraTech Aloe Concentrate

As a Drink
Your 16 ounce bottle of Aloe Concentrate can make up to 6-8 quarts of aloe drink. To prepare 1 quart, mix 2-3 capfuls (3 fluid ounces) with 1 quart of water or other beverage. You can add juices for a variety of flavors. Concord grape, cranberry, apple & pomegranate juices are popular choices.

Therapeutic Use
Mix ½ - 1 capful (½ – 1 ounce) of Aloe Concentrate into water, juice, smoothies, etc.

Drink before, or in-between meals.