Add Some REAL POWER To Your Protein!

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There has been a recent surge in the interest level people are showing for protein and some nice benefits it provides, when used properly.  Interest is especially prevalent in the 40+ age group, which represents a LOT of people!  Even AARP has been promoting a new book; The Whole Body Reset.  The primary theme of this book (aimed at people over 50) is “protein timing” -- spreading protein consumption out more evenly during the day.


For example, if your daily intake is 90 grams per day, you should take in 30g at breakfast, 30g at lunch and 30g at dinner…eating more protein earlier in the day.  The current standard is more like; 10-15g at breakfast, 20-25g at lunch and 50-60g at dinner.


Multiple studies have been done that address protein timing.  One study in Science Daily shows that “Eating more protein early in the day (at breakfast or lunchtime) could also help older people maintain muscle mass with advancing age.”


The bottom line is protein offers some very exciting health benefits.


  • Builds and maintains muscle
  • Helps you lose fat by boosting your metabolism & improves weight-regulating hormones
  • Curbs hunger & reduces cravings
  • Improves recovery and repair after injury and exercise
  • Can dramatically improve condition of skin, hair and nails


What’s the best way to experience these benefits? The solution is to eat enough protein, which is high quality (complete and absorbable), at the right times of day.  As simple as it sounds, this isn’t easy for many people.  Let’s try to simplify.


  • Enough protein - the recommended daily allowance (by government) is a modest .36 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. So, if you are sedentary and weigh 150 pounds, that’s only 54 grams…that’s just enough to keep from getting sick.


    We think you need much more than that, especially if you exercise.  The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends .73 - 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight, and even more for athletes.  Therefore, a 150 pound person would take 110 grams to 150 grams daily.  Obviously, this is substantially more than what the government recommends.  The bottom line is many people (especially older) are not getting enough protein to help their bodies to function and rebuild properly.


  • High quality protein -- the building blocks of protein are called amino acids. There are 20 of these, of which the body can produce only 11.The other 9 (named ‘essential’) must come from food sources. Not all protein foods contain all 9 of the essential amino acids. For example, the very popular collagen protein is not complete because it is missing one of the amino acids. Some vegetable proteins are also not complete because they are missing certain amino acids. However, this can be overcome by combining different protein sources to maximize protein quality.


    The more digestible and absorbable protein is, the better the results.  Some proteins are harder to digest, like soy and milk.  Supplementing with enzymes can really help digestion and assimilation with most proteins.  For example, NatraTech Super Food contains a great digestive enzyme combination that helps with protein digestion.  Whey, collagen and vegetable proteins absorption can be substantially improved when adding enzymes.  This is one of the reasons that a lot of people combine our Super Food with their protein…it adds some real power!


  • Protein intake at the right times of day – We are in agreement that the bulk of protein intake should be during the early parts of the day.But it’s tough to take in 30+ grams of protein at one meal.This is where supplementation can come in really handy.A smoothie with a scoop of protein and a scoop of NatraTech Super Food can easily contain 30 grams of protein… plus enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, fiber and a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, antioxidants and other superfoods. This adds up to an incredible synergistic blend!




We LOVE Testimonials!



I exercise (weights and cardio) 4 or 5 days each week.  I’ve used a whey isolate protein powder after my workouts and various times of day on my off days.  My trainer told me to get your Super Food and add ½ to 1 scoop to my protein shakes.  She said this would add a lot to the protein I am taking.  I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I definitely notice a difference!  Not quite sure what’s making such a difference, but it sure does work!  Thanks for a great product!  I’m trying your Adrenal Fuel next.




Hi Joe,

Thanks very much for taking the time to chat with me about my health and diet.  You gave me some excellent input and I’m so grateful!

I want to mention that I’ve been doing the Super Food + Protein powder combination you suggested since the beginning of September.  I’ve noticed so many positives, including losing some weight, reduced hunger and cravings, and more energy.  But the BIG thing is the amazing difference in my skin, hair and nails – WOW!  I’m doing this for life!!!

Thanks again,