A Note From Joe



I have to address this subject frequently, and just did so again.  One of our friends is being treated for cancer.  It's a tough journey! As a part of the process, he was told to use a widely available liquid dietary supplement. Here's how the ingredient list reads:

Water, Corn Maltodextrin (basically corn starch), Soy Protein, Caseinates, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners & Flavors, and a vitamin blend consisting of very inexpensive vitamins & minerals. Some of these vitamin and mineral forms (sulfates, phosphates) are known to irritate the digestive system. In fact, literally everything I listed above can cause digestive problems and inflammation!

Remember our acronym for the missing pieces to the health puzzle? "D-I-S-H" (Digestion, Inflammation, Stress, Hormones). I can't emphasize the importance of these four things enough! They can be the key to you getting healthier, improving immune function, increasing energy, and losing weight. This is one of the key reasons the Get Lean Program  works so well - it helps improve these areas, which enhances your body's ability to lose fat. For example, the Super Food being hypoallergenic can be a massive factor for many, and that's just one small benefit in one component! When everything is combined, the synergy is incredible!

When a person has been sick, injured, or had surgery, they need SUPERIOR nutrition to get well! I get so disappointed in our health system at times! Why don't we treat patients better than this? Can it be $$$, poor education, political pressure, etc.? I've had some health professionals tell me that the 'system' forces them to do things a certain way. Regardless, we as consumers need to pay better attention and take some action on our own!

As some of you know, I am an advocate of 'integrative medicine'... combining the best of conventional and natural medicine. The reason is, I have seen it work time and time again. Natural solutions can be miraculous at times - other times they might need some help from traditional medicine - the combination can be very powerful.

I want to encourage all of you to be smart consumers, especially when it comes to your health. Find health professionals that align with your philosophy, continue to learn more, be discerning, ask questions and don't be intimidated!

In good health,