A Mom’s Story… a Tale of 2 Kids & Keeping Them Healthy



A letter from one of our customers:


I have two different perspectives: the kid with weight issues and the picky kid.


Issue one: Weight


Many moms have health concerns for their kids, particularly with weight. While weight-loss is often the focus, many people don’t think about children who need to GAIN healthy weight. There are few products out there geared toward weight gain and getting nutrition in concentrated form. And the few that are out there, are pretty disgusting. The one recommended by my pediatrician (!), a weight-gain shake, is sugar and corn maltodextrin, with a few other nutrients. Yuck! I’m sure this could cause him to gain weight, but at what cost?? Hello, future diabetes. Not sure it’s a worthwhile trade. He hated that store-bought supplement, by the way.  He enjoys his Super Food treats, and I can add HEALTHY foods to increase calories for him.


Issue two: The picky kid


On the other hand, my younger son must be in a growth pause, because he is in the “picky phase.” Any mom with a picky eater can probably relate. He will hardly eat anything. One thing he will eat without fail…. shakes. He willingly adds the Super Food powder to cereal, milk, etc. He has shakes every day. Sometimes he asks for them multiple times a day! Come to think about it, it’s just about the ONLY thing he eats lol.  I love that this is a food item that I don’t really have to limit. And with one scoop, he is getting a huge dose of concentrated goodness. I would have to convince this kid to pinch his nose and eat a LOT of varied things to equal the amount of nutrition he is getting in this!  We can even sneak other healthy foods (frozen berries, peanut butter, veggies, etc.) into his smoothies.


If either (or both) of these are issues for you… you owe it to yourself (and your kiddos) to give NatraTech Super Food a try!