Improve Your Digestive Health & Change Your Life

If you haven’t heard about our “D-I-S-H” approach to improving your health…you need to! These four factors can be pivotal in your quest to lose weight and improve your health.

D = Digestion
I = Inflammation
S = Stress
H = Hormones

One of the important components to improving your digestive health is to ingest sufficient enzymes and probiotics in your diet. Most people know about enzymes, but not as many are sure what probiotics are. The popularity of yogurt has brought about more awareness of probiotics. However, many yogurts have a limited amount of probiotics and can be loaded with sugar and other chemicals.

Probiotics are living organisms that are critical to maintaining a healthy GI tract and immune function. Simply put, they help restore and maintain a healthy balance of intestinal micro-organisms. Unfortunately, there are many factors that destroy them. Here are some of them.

• Antibiotics
• Medications (aspirin, antacids, laxatives, painkillers)
• Poor diet
• Sugar
• Pesticides
• Processed foods

The result is many people have started taking probiotics in supplement form. Some important things to consider are potency, multiple species and cost.

The potency of probiotics is measured in ‘colony forming units’ (CFU’s). For best results, a minimum of 100 million CFUs is required daily. Most good probiotic supplements contain substantially higher levels of probiotics, ranging up into the billions of CFUs. A good probiotic capsule can be expensive, typically $20+ for 30 capsules!

Here’s another bonus to using NatraTech Super Food™ -- it contains billions of CFU’s of multiple-species probiotics! Additionally, you get an excellent blend of important enzymes. One more way Super Food helps you get healthier, while saving $$$!