How do I choose a high quality Super Food?

We just did a little research for one of our Associates.  He was asking about comparing NatraTech Super Food to other products.  We know the market pretty well, but this was really an eye-opener!  We looked at a few green drinks that are popular.

What to look for…

  1. What are the INGREDIENTS…especially the first 2-3 ingredients?  Some we reviewed had things like fiber, maltodextrin or apple powder for the top ingredients.  Also check the remainder of ingredients.  Are they high quality, well documented?  Are there any fillers, artificial flavors, sugar, digestive irritants, etc.
  2. What is the AMOUNT of product in the container?  Some had as little as 6 ounces.  They said there is 30 ‘servings’ in the canister.  We question whether there is much therapeutic effect with very small serving sizes, especially when the first few ingredients are fillers.
  3. How MANY servings?  Make sure to check out the serving size.  They may be increasing number of servings to make the product look like a better deal.  However, you may be trading results for a bargain price.
  4. What is the serving SIZE?  Again, is there enough active ingredient(s) to achieve good results?   For example, if we recommended 6g serving sizes for our Super Food, there would be 55 servings in one canister.  However, we know people wouldn’t get the same results. We saw serving sizes as small as 6g, with a product cost of $60.  If you’re only using a handful of ingredients, a 6 gram serving can be fine. But some have 50+ ingredients, which means the amounts are very small in most of them…it’s likely ”label dressing.”

Note:  One of the worst products we found is a popular brand.  Really interesting…the canister is only 5.5 ounces (the online photo looks large), serving size is only 5.4g, and the cost is $49.95!  And the first ingredient is fiber!  Yikes! 

Capsules:  For those of you who might be using fruit and vegetable capsules … We have seen ‘fruit and vegetable’ capsules that cost $30 or more, for 60 capsules.  A SINGLE serving of NatraTech Super Food contains as much as 30+ capsules!  That means one canister of Super Food could be equal to 15 bottles of capsules.  Do the math!

NatraTech Super Food

We are so impressed with the ingredients in our Super Food!  BILLIONS of dollars of sales have been created with just some of the amazing ingredients.  These include Plant-Based Protein, Mangosteen, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass, Turmeric, Aloe, Pomegranate, Enzymes, and Probiotics.  These powerful nutrients have succeeded in a big way because they work!  To have all of them and more in one synergistic formula…and  a generous 16.5 gram serving is wonderful!

And you can even save money!  We have seen quite a few Customers (including myself) lose pounds and inches using the Super Food Smoothie Recipes as a meal replacement.  Each serving only contains 2 net carbs, so it’s also great for low carbohydrate (Keto) diets.

Using it as a meal replacement really offsets the product cost too!  For example, a common fast food meal costs $3 to $6.  That means 20 meals would cost you $60 to $120!  When you consider that, the Super Food is close to FREE, even when you consider adding some extra ingredients.

Thousands of people, old and young alike, are finding renewed energy, fewer illnesses, improvements in hair, skin & nails.  It’s no wonder when you consider the fact that you are putting more than 40 powerful nutrients into your system with each serving! 

It tastes great too!  Even kids love it and even ask for it…that’s quite an accomplishment!

Good health can be enjoyable!