Controlling Blood Sugar

Controlling Blood Sugar


We receive quite a few calls from people who report that their blood sugar levels have improved since they started taking Adrenal-Fuel™. Some people, who have HIGH blood sugar, tell us it has dropped -- while others with LOW blood sugar also say it has improved. How can both things be true?

Adrenal fatigue and exhaustion have a tremendous effect on our ability to regulate our blood sugar. Our adrenals regulate our blood sugar during the times our diet doesn't. By modulating the production/release of certain hormones, our adrenals can help raise OR lower blood sugar. It's incredible to think about all of the intricate balancing mechanisms that God created in our bodies!

This is one of the reasons that Adrenal-Fuel™
does such a good job of naturally raising your energy levels. It helps offset the effects of our "life in the fast lane!" Improving your diet and supplementing with Adrenal-Fuel™ can really help you get your energy back!



Had a hard physical workout? Taking 1-2 Adrenal-Fuel capsules after hard training can help speed recovery. Make sure to take with food – a high protein food works well.