A Great Question!


Q. I noticed that your Adrenal-Fuel contains some herbs that I’m hearing a lot of good things about. They are Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Panax Ginseng. So, how do they help with stress and low energy?

A. Yes, Adrenal-Fuel contains those herbs…and more. They are part of a family that is referred to as “adaptogens.” These plants have been used successfully for centuries. They have recently become very popular.
Just as the name suggests, adaptogens help your body to adapt. They contain active compounds that support the stress response system in our bodies, helping to cope with varying levels of physical and emotional stress. They are commonly used to combat stress, help recovery and increase energy. It is also a popular supplement for athletes.
Adaptogens should not be confused with stimulants. The chart below, published by the National Institute of Health, shows some of the differences.

Adrenal-Fuel is one of the most advanced adaptogenic formulas on the market! In addition to adaptogenic herbs, it contains more than a dozen vitamins, minerals and trace elements, offering a multi-faceted approach.


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