Three Ways to Enjoy NatraTech Products. . .

    Place an order each month at your convenience.  To order as a Retail Customer, simply go to our products page, select the items you would like to purchase, add them to your cart and checkout to complete your purchase.

    Order as a RETAIL Customer

    Put your monthly product purchase on autopilot!
     Get your product automatically each month and SAVE money at the same time.  Becoming a Preferred Customer is simple!  Just go through the normal retail checkout process.  After entering your contact, shipping and billing information, click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the screen. On the screen that follows you will see an 'Auto-Ship' checkbox at the bottom. Click that checkbox before submitting your order. When you do, you will see an instant discount on the order which will continue to be applied to your future auto-ship purchases! 

    Note that your auto-ship will be scheduled to occur on the same day of the month on which your original purchase occurred.  If you ever need to change the date, simply contact our customer service department and we would be happy to change that for you. 

    Enroll as a Preferred Customer   
    *Be sure to read the instructions above
    Receive your monthly product shipments automatically, enjoy discounted pricing AND become eligible to participate in the powerful NatraTech Compensation Program. Associates get exclusive access to a Back Office and special tools for managing and tracking their NatraTech business, along with a personalized website where their prospects and referrals can go to purchase product.

    To enroll as an Associate, you can select one of our special Associate Product Enrollment Kits. Your Associate enrollment price includes product, the setup of your personal website, online tools and integrated Business Building System -- everything you need to get started! Some programs charge as much as $15 - $20 per month for the Business Building System alone! No inventory required to enroll!

    Note that the special Associate discounts will apply to all orders after your enrollment.

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