The NatraTech Story

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Our Company

NatraTech, LLC was founded in 2004 by Joe Perry, who is a nationally renowned health and weight loss expert, with more than 3 decades of experience. Joe was instrumental in the development of the very first ‘milkshake diet’ (The Slender Now Diet), first developed in the 1970’s. This was the precursor to some of the popular brands like Slim Fast®, Herbalife®, Medifast®, etc. He and his products have helped more than a million people achieve better health!

NatraTech is dedicated to optimal health, prevention of disease and improving quality of life. The company has formulated a strategic combination of unique, high quality nutritional products, weight loss programs and educational materials.

NatraTech’s primary marketing focus was originally health professionals. In 2013, NatraTech formed a direct sales division, NatraLife. The concept of ‘relationship marketing’ quickly became a powerful marketing channel. In 2017, the two companies were consolidated under the NatraTech brand.

The Science

Several years ago, Joe began doing extensive research on digestion and inflammation. He found that these two areas had profound effects on overall health, including immune function, brain health and weight loss. He found it very interesting (and disturbing) that many of the ‘weight loss products/regimens’ were likely causing digestive and inflammatory issues. Some of this caused by ingredients like soy, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemical additives. These things were actually feeding food sensitivities and digestive problems, rather than helping!

Stress & hormones ... In his many years of working in bariatrics (weight loss), Joe also discovered that stress was having a large impact on fat storage, especially ‘belly fat.’ People experiencing extended high stress levels gained fat quickly (commonly in the midsection) -- and had a harder time losing it. This is due to the effects stress has on hormones, especially those produced by the adrenal and thyroid glands.

He was amazed at how many weight loss programs totally missed these 4 areas. He decided to do something about it. Hence, Joe coined the acronym “D.I.S.H.” (Digestion, Inflammation, Stress, Hormones) as a central theme for NatraTech’s products and systems. He says; “If there is a void in these areas, you will never be able to get really healthy and efficiently lose body fat.”

Our Products

Our goal was to develop products and education that align with the ‘DISH’ philosophy. We formulated unique blends that primarily consist of plant-based raw materials that support these core areas.

NatraTech Super Food with Food.jpg  NatraTech Super Food™ – A special blend of plant-based foods that are highly nutritious and friendly to your system. It’s packed with dozens of nutrients, including protein, veggies, fruits, antioxidants, trace elements, probiotics, enzymes and more. And it actually tastes so good that even kids love it!

It does not contain gluten, soy, dairy, MSG, pesticides, GMO, artificial flavor, sweeteners or colors.
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Adrenal-Fuel™ – Enter the exciting world of adaptogens! These natural herbs help support healthy adrenal and thyroid function. They work even better when combined with certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All of these make up the extraordinary Adrenal-Fuel formula.

Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate – Sometimes called ‘the miracle plant’... Few natural substances contain as many beneficial nutrients, especially for soothing inflammation. This powerful concentrate can be mixed with many liquids to soothe digestive issues.
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Get Lean Weight Loss Program™ – Combines a nutritious core food plan (similar to the Mediterranean Diet, which includes most whole food groups) with proven techniques and special nutraceuticals that will enhance the DISH profile. It’s easy to follow and adapt into your ongoing lifestyle for long-term results. It’s far more than just another diet ... you will see and feel the difference!

Our Mission


  • “Share Something Worthwhile.” Original quote by Joe Perry, CEO
  • Empower people to live a healthier life, physically, spiritually and financially.
  • Treat the cause – not the symptom.
  • Formulate & market the highest quality nutritional products and programs, specifically designed to restore healthy metabolic function.
  • Serve with integrity and ‘principle centered servant leadership.’

Our Name & Logo

NatraTech Logo.png

NatraTech – the mixture of nature and technology



We are proud of our company in so many ways! A lot of people ask us about the significance of our logo.

Leaves – nature, life.

3 Leaves – the number '3' has several meanings, including "complete, wholeness."

Colors –
Green: Nature, Growth and Freshness (plants/nourishment)
Yellow: Life, Happiness, Energy, Vibrancy (the sun)
Blue: Truth, wisdom, faith, peace and tranquility (water)

Live. Life. Healthy. – physically, mentally and spiritually.

A Note from Our Founder


I’ve been developing and marketing health products and programs for many years. Our NatraTech products are some of the most exciting I’ve worked with! I have loved sharing them with friends, family and many others. Watching the results people experience is heartwarming.

Although our primary market at the time we developed these products was health professionals, we began to receive a lot of requests from satisfied Customers, asking about being able to offer them to their friends and family. A ‘ripple effect’ began to happen. A poem I like says this;

"Toss a rock into a pond and watch the water ripple. That’s what outreach is all about. You begin by reaching out to one person, who reaches out to someone else. Your outreach effort forms concentric circles, just like the rock as it hits the water. And you know, in your heart, that one day, those circles will ripple back and touch you."

It all begins with one person who reaches out to help someone else. I coined a saying; “Share something worthwhile.” This is the core of what we do at NatraTech. We have started with a small group of product users, who had good results, and now want to share and help others. In the process, many are earning an extra income -- it’s a win-win. A powerful concept!

We are grateful!