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Could Stress be at the Root of Your Health Issues?

Your adrenal glands may be exhausted from too much stress! Today's fast-paced society is taking its toll on us. It is estimated that 75% of doctor's visits ultimately boil down to stress related issues!

We are all familiar with our adrenal glands' role in producing adrenaline, and the rush it gives us in times of stress.  But did you know that our adrenal glands are responsible for the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in the body?

Everyday stress can deplete and exhaust our adrenal glands, which is important because research is starting to show that the health status of our adrenal glands, caused by the level of stress in our life, can have a far reaching impact on our overall health... and could be the underlying reason for many of today's health complaints!

Take the test to see if stress is impacting your health...

Adrenal Stress Test   

Check the box next to all which apply.    

     Fatigue, lack of energy
     Inability to lose weight
     Food cravings, low blood sugar
     Headaches and lightheadedness
     Inability to concentrate and focus
     PMS/Menopausal difficulty
     Allergies and sinus problems
     Depression, mood swings, irritability
     Digestive difficulties
     Insomnia, difficulty sleeping
     Mid-morning/afternoon slumps
     Reduced or diminished sex drive
     Difficulty building muscle tone
     Susceptible to infections, colds & flu






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