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• More Energy?
Weight Loss?
Heart Health?
Hormonal Balance?

• Depression/Anxiety Help?

• Stress Relief?

• Better Sleep?
Natural Pain Relief?
Improved Digestion?



Health Quizzes

  • Is your digestive system causing indigestion, heartburn, and irritable bowel problems?

  • Is your elimination and detoxification system causing constipation, diarrhea, headaches, acne, etc?

  • Is Stress the reason behind all the fatigue, weight gain and depression?

  • Are cravings, diabetes, mood swings, etc a result of blood sugar imbalances?

  • Do hormones or chemical imbalances lead to depression, anxiety, PMS, hot flashes, etc?

  • Is your metabolism causing you to store instead of burn fat?

    Are you caught in a ‘vicious’ cycle?

The goal of the health quizzes is to help IDENTIFY the cause of your problem and break that cycle.  Once we know that cause we can address it and make significant changes in the first 30 days!

Take the Stress test
Stress is a major factor that can affect your hormones, weight, mood, fatigue, and your immune system. Constant stress can deplete your cortisol, adrenaline and DHEA levels.

ASSESSMENT: Blood Sugar and Fat Burning
Blood sugar imbalances are closely tied to Fatigue, weight gain, cravings, mood swings, ADD/ADHD, etc. are closely tied to blood sugar imbalances. The constant rise and fall will interfere with weight loss and energy levels, which can eventually lead to diabetes.

ASSESSMENT: Digestion and Absorption
Bloating, indigestion, heartburn and other irritable bowel problems lead to irritation and inflammation of our intestinal system. This inhibits the proper absorption of our nutrients and leads to food allergies, candida, yeast overgrowth and other degenerative and autoimmune problems.

ASSESSMENT: Hormone and Chemical Imbalances
Our metabolism, mood, sleep, thoughts, and ability to rest are controlled by hormones and brain messengers. These hormones and brain messengers are regulated by Stress and Diet.

ASSESSMENT: Elimination and Internal pollution
Poor elimination and the buildup of toxins in our body is a major problem and leads to many health problems from constipation, headaches, allergies, acne ... even autoimmune and degenerative problems.






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