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Good Health Begins with Good Function!
Restore normal function and YOU restore health

The Healthy Steps (ARS) Program walks you through the healing process, by addressing the cause of your problems. We you want to Identify the cause...than Restore normal function....than finally Strengthen the body.

It's a program that works! It literally walks you through the healing process.

The Healthy Steps (ARS) Program is a proven step-by-step process (download ARS Instructions) , that breaks that vicious cycle (Fatigue->Weight Gain->Cravings->Irritable Bowel), overcomes adrenal fatigue and restores normal function to your body.







Step 1 - Address the cause of your health problems

  • Is Your digestive system NOT functioning properly?

  • Is Your elimination system causing internal pollution?

  • Are your hormones out of balance?

  • Is your body burning stored body fat for energy?

  • Is Stress and diet part of the problem?

Take our On-line health quizzes to Identify your health challenges

The common areas under assault are:

Digestive problems inhibit the absorption of our nutrients. How can our body become stronger and healthier if we can’t absorb the nutrients in our foods and supplements?

Hormonal Imbalances caused by too much stress triggers the constant production of our stress hormones, which interferes with our metabolism, energy, weight loss, mood, inflammation, sleep and so much more.

Blood sugar imbalances takes us out of our fat burning zone which leads to cravings, weight gain, PMS, hot flashes, inability to focus, loss of libido, etc.

Step 2 - Restore normal function - Rebalance your hormones and blood sugar, while Repairing your digestive system.

This is where you break that “vicious” cycle associated with adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Bloating, gas, indigestion, heartburn, etc...irritate and inflame your digestive system and causes inflammation. This triggers your adrenals to produce additional cortisol – which is needed to reduce the inflammation.

  • Skipping meals and eating refined, processed foods throws your blood sugar and insulin off. This causes your adrenals to produce additional cortisol and adrenaline to balance your blood sugar. Insulin causes the body to store calories and fats.

  • Constant stress (worry, fear, anxiety), always being on the go – causes your adrenals to produce additional cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. These 'stress' hormones interfere with your thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA.

The body is designed to handle short term stress….NOT constant stress. The more we tax our adrenals – the sooner we exhaust and deplete them. This is why it is critical in the recovery process to both...supporting the adrenals and reduce the stress (tax) we place on them.

Step 3 - Remove unwanted toxins! (cleanse and detoxify)

  • The liver and large intestine are our primary detoxification centers.

  • People often feel worse on a cleanse, due to the fact that all those toxins are being uprooted and re-circulated in the body.

  • Detox and cleanses are an additional stress on the body and difficult on a weak and debilitated body.

  • This is why we first support and stabilize the body through the Repair and Rebalance process.

The Repair, Rebalance and Remove steps are designed to overcome adrenal fatigue by Restore Normal Metabolic Function. Once that has been done we can move onto the Strengthening phase.

Too often people start on Step 3 before they have taken steps one and two.....and wonder why they aren't seeing results!

Step 4 - Strengthen the body!

Now that your body is functioning the way it is supposed to, you can NOW strengthen and maintain your body with a nutritional protocol that will give a lifetime of health.

Here you can add specific formulas such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart, menopause, PMS, prostate, allergy formulas to help strengthen the body.

Too often people are taking these types of formulas before they have re-established normal function. They are trying to get the benefits from these "specific" formulas - even though their body isn't functioning properly.

Follow the steps along with our formulas for 30-days and recapture your health!

Follow the ARS Steps Program and you may find that you don't need all those "specific formulas, because your body is functioning the way it was designed to and will remain
on a:

  • Antioxidant Essential fatty acid (fish oil): Like Sea Energy

  • Digestive enzyme: Like Digest Plus

  • Fiber powder

  • Probiotic

  • If stress is a part of your daily life…continue with Adrenal Fuel™.

  • If depression, anxiety and insomnia are present add Neuro-Calm™. No one has these symptoms without also having adrenal exhaustion, which is why you need to continue with Adrenal Fuel.

Follow these proven steps for 30-days and feel your energy come back!


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