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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Neuro-Calm™ supposed to do?
  Neuro-Calm™ is specially formulated to help calm and support chemical brain messengers (neurotransmitters) that are often associated with feelings of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PMS, cravings, weight loss, headaches and ADD/ADHD.

Q:  How do I take Neuro-Calm?
A:  Recommended dosage is one capsule before dinner and one before bed, on an empty stomach.  FYI…’empty stomach’ is about 45 minutes before a meal, and at least 2 hours after.

Q:  Can I take more than 2 capsules a day?
A:  Yes, you can take up to 3 or 4 capsules a day.  Everyone’s level of stress & imbalances are different. As your health continues to improve, you will be able to decrease your dosage to 1 capsule twice a day.

Q:  How does Neuro-Calm™ work?
A:  Neuro-Calm™ helps increase both serotonin and GABA, two principle brain messengers, which help calm and relax the nervous system.  

Q:  What are neurotransmitters?
A:  Neurotransmitters (NT) are chemical messengers that tell the brain what to do.  The word “neuro” means brain. Therefore, NT send information to and from the brain.

Q:  Are there different types of NT?
A:  Yes, NT’s are typically classified as either ‘excitatory’ or ‘inhibitory.’ They can best be thought of as the accelerator and brakes on your car. You need them both to properly drive your car. Our nervous system is no different. It needs a combination of both ‘excitatory’ and ‘inhibitory’ NT to help us through our busy day.

Q:  Do neurotransmitters affect our mood, motivation and feelings?
A:  Yes, this is why many prescription medications for depression, anxiety, insomnia, cravings, weight loss, headaches, PMS and ADD/ADHD are attempting to alter our NT.  If they can restore the chemical imbalances, they can help with many of the above named symptoms. 

Q:  Do medications restore our neurotransmitter levels?
A:  No, they manipulate how your body uses your NT.  Neuro-Calm™ is formulated to help increase the levels of your neurotransmitters.  Drugs don’t do that. This is why someone taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or sleep aids must continue to use them, or has a hard to stopping them. Their body is still not producing enough NT on its own.  

Q:  Do I also need to take Adrenal-Fuel?
A:  It is recommended to take Adrenal-Fuel™ with Neuro-Calm™, because no one has chemical imbalances without first having lots of stress, which depletes the adrenal glands. If you don’t support your stress hormones (adrenal glands) you will never be able to overcome your imbalances.  So, combining both products has provided the best results.

Q:  How does stress affect our NT?
A:  When you’re under stress, your adrenal glands will produce additional levels of epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine, two of our ‘excitatory’ NT.  If the stress remains constant, your adrenals will continue to produce elevated levels of these ‘excitatory’ NT and cause an imbalance between our ‘excitatory’ and ‘inhibitory’ NT. The constant demand on the adrenal glands attributes to adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.

Q:  How do we get chemical imbalances?
A:  Stress and diet are typically the cause of chemical imbalances.  Constant stress causes an over-production of our ‘excitatory’ NT, which creates an imbalance with our ‘inhibitory’ NT.  Poor diet or inadequate nutrition also contributes to a decreased production of NT. The body is NOT able to make an endless supply of NT, antibodies, hormones, or enzymes, without proper nutrition.

Q:  Why are the ‘inhibitory’ NT important?
A:  Because of stress, most people overproduce their excitatory NT, which over-rides the effects of their ‘inhibitory’ NT.  The ‘inhibitory’ NT are needed to quiet and calm our nervous system at the end of the day. When this process is interfered with, problems begin.  Stress also causes a decreased production of our ‘inhibitory’ NT.

Q:  How would I take Adrenal-Fuel™ and Neuro-Calm™?
A:  Typically, take one capsule of Adrenal-Fuel™ with breakfast and lunch and one capsule of Neuro-Calm before dinner and one at bedtime. You may initially need to increase your dosage depending on how worn down and depleted your body is.  You can take 3-4 capsules of each product, each  day, in divided doses, as stated above.

Q:  Are there any contraindications?
A:  Do not take with MAO inhibitors. 

Q:  What do the adrenal glands do?
A:  The adrenal glands have many functions. They produce our stress hormones, cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (both stimulatory NT). They help regulate our blood sugar, balance fluids, stimulate our immune system and make our sex hormones, which is especially important for women entering menopause.

Q:  What is adrenal fatigue or exhaustion?
A:  Adrenal fatigue, exhaustion or depletion, is a result of constant, prolonged stress, which overworks the adrenal glands. This leads to fatigue, weight gain, cravings, insomnia, PMS, hot flashes, depression, high blood pressure, GI upset, weakened immune function, reduced libido, etc…

Q:  Will Neuro-Calm™ replace my medication for depression, anxiety, sleep, appetite, PMS, headaches or ADD/ADHD?
A:  Terminating your medications is something that should be discussed with your health care provider. Neuro-Calm™ is not a drug!

Q:  How do SSRI’s and SNRI’s work?
A:  Selective Serotonin/Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors DO NOT increase the production of serotonin or norepinephrine. They manipulate your bio-chemistry, so your body doesn’t cannibalize (reuptake) those NT. Your body is still not making enough serotonin or norepinephrine.

Q:  Can I taking my antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications with Neuro-Calm™?
A:  Yes, but DO NOT take with MAO inhibitors.

Q:  Why do I feel so lousy when I stop my medications?
A:  Most people have a hard time stopping ‘cold turkey’, because many of the SSRI’s, SNRI’s and sleep aids only manipulate your NT. They DO NOT increase the production of your NT.  Your body becomes dependent on them. So, when you stop taking them – and your levels are low, you experience withdrawal.

Q:  Can I take Neuro-Calm™ along with my other medications?
A:  Yes, this will help increase your NT levels.

Q:  How does serotonin affect my mood?
A:  Serotonin is associated with reward and pleasure…a ‘feel good’ NT.  This is why increasing serotonin helps with mood and motivation and why these increases help with cravings, appetite control, PMS, anxiousness and depression.

Q:  How does Neuro-Calm™ help with sleep?
A:  Difficulty falling asleep is usually a result of over-stimulation of your ‘excitatory’ NT’s, due to stress and staying in that “fight or flight” mode. Most sleep-aids, work by manipulating how your body uses GABA.  Neuro-Calm™ supports production of GABA and other ‘inhibitory’ NT’s, so your body can unwind and calm down, which allows you to fall asleep naturally.  Plus, the increased serotonin will trigger an increase in melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that supports the natural sleep cycle.

Q:  Will Neuro-Calm help with my cravings and weight gain?
A:  Yes. Many of the weight loss drugs that help with appetite and weight loss were first designed to manipulate serotonin and norepinephrine. Decreased levels of these  have been associated with cravings, weight gain and appetite control.

Q:  Can Neuro-Calm help with PMS and headaches ?
A:  Like the weight loss drugs on the market, medications designed to help with PMS and headaches, are trying to manipulate serotonin and norepinephrine. 

Q:  How long before I notice a difference?
A:  Everyone is different. Depending on the dosage you take, the amount of stress in your life, how well you’re reducing stress and improving your diet will determine how effective Neuro-Calm will be.  Most people notice a difference within 30 days.

 Tips to improve your health and results:

  • Learn how to relax and unwind.

  • Reduce stress.                 

  • Eat three healthy meals a day.

  • Keep your blood sugar stable.

  • Do Not skip meals.

  • Reduce and eliminate all processed food.

  • Get regular exercise, 3-4 times a week.

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

  • Strengthen your spiritual walk.

Q:  Do I need to take it on an empty stomach?
A:  Yes, the amino acids in Neuro-Calm have a specific action on brain chemistry. If taken with a meal, they will combine with the other amino acids and be used for rebuilding, as opposed to the targeted result.

Q:  Can I take it with juice or fruit?
A:  Yes, but we believe there is better absorption and utilization when taken on an empty stomach.

Q:  What ingredients are in Neuro-Calm?
A:  Neuro-Calm ingredients are:

L-Glycine – Has a calming effect; promotes ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitters, helps improve sleep and relaxation.

 L- Taurine – Aids in the production of ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitters, calms and relaxes the nervous system.

L-Methonine – Is an essential amino acid that helps promote normal metabolism and detoxification.

 L-Glutamine – Is the most abundant amino acid, it supports normal metabolism and the production of energy.

 GABA – A powerful inhibitory neurotransmitter that calms and relaxes & improves sleep. Also supports fat metabolism and helps the release of growth hormones.

 5 HTP – A precursor to the production of serotonin. Improves feelings of depression, anxiety, and helps weight loss, cravings, & PMS symptoms.

 L-Theanine – Reduces stress and anxiety, while promoting relaxation. Excellent for easing PMS symptoms. Also inhibits glutamate, which is a stimulatory NT.

 Thiamine – Plays an important role in converting glucose to energy.  Contributes to a healthy nervous system & mental attitude.

 Riboflavin – Helps break down fat, carbohydrates and protein.

 Niacinamide – Vital to a healthy nervous system.  Helps break down fat, carbohydrate and protein.

 Folic Acid – Necessary for proper brain function, mental & emotional health.

 Pantothenic Acid – Stimulates the adrenal glands & increases production of hormones important for healthy nerves.

 Vitamin B-6 – Facilitates the release of glycogen for energy.

 Vitamin B-12 – Supports adrenal glands & aids in metabolism in nerve tissue.

 Vitamin C – An important anti-stress vitamin, protector & detoxifier.

 Magnesium – Needed to convert blood sugar to energy.

 Zinc – A component of insulin.

 Selenium – a powerful antioxidant, supports energy production.

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**All statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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